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IntelleChartPRO Training
Remote Sessions, Knowledge Base Sessions
& Homework

This page brings the recorded training sessions and links to the homework to one location.  The headers list the content, the week it should be completed, and who should participate.  This page supersedes the paper handout of the training agenda. 


The Homework buttons are links to the Nextech Community Portal for the videos that should be watched that week.  The Remote Sessions & Knowledge Base Sessions should be watched after completing the previous homework, if assigned.  Make sure you can log into the Nextech Community Portal to ensure you can open the Homework links.  

To set up your credentials for IntelleChartPRO, click on the link below and select "Forgot Password?".  Our practice is HVEC.  Enter your email address, then look for an email to create a new password.  ICP requires the password to be at least 9 digits, contain both upper and lower case, a number and one of the following symbols  !@$&*

Contact Scott with any log in issues for ICP or the Community Portal.

The PDFs below are supplemental documents added during our training period.  They are a reference both now and after 'Go Live'.


Week of Aug 18-25                                       

All Staff

Week of Aug 25 - Sept 1                                       

Doctors & Techs

Week of Sept 1 - 8                                       

Week of Sept 8 - 15                                       

Video 1 - Techs, Doctors, Check Out

Video 2 - Admin only

Video 3 - Admin, Doctors optional

Video 4 - Techs & Doctors

Video 5 - Techs & Doctors

Week of Sept 15 - 22                                      

Lead Techs (Begin chart prep)

Week of Sept 22 - 29                                      

Week of Sept 29 - Oct 6                                      

Week of Oct 6 - 11 "Go Live"                                      

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